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 Mikko Sarvanne // Composer

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photo: Mikael Karkkonen

"Mikko Sarvanne has succeeded in creating a cohesive work in

which the musical language of ambient, electronic, acoustic instruments, and elements of nature intertwine into its own universe in an

innovative manner."

- the panel of judges of Teosto Prize 2023 (Mikko Sarvanne's compositions on Mikko Sarvanne Garden's album "Heräämisen valkea myrsky" are the winner of Teosto Prize 2023)

Mikko Sarvanne (b. 1992) is a Finnish composer based in Helsinki. His composition style blends the sounds of urban and natural environments with a deeply emotional sense of melody and harmony. Sarvanne's music crafts captivatingly morphing spaces of resonance, attracting the listener to rest and to wonder. For Mikko Sarvanne it's equally inspiring to work with commissions within the contemporary music and performing arts scene as well as with his own ensembles like Mikko Sarvanne Garden


Tempest in a Morning Whisper: I, II, III (2023)

instrumentation: soloist (tpt / tbn / a.sax), fl, ob, cl, bsn, h, hp, vib, dr, b, string quartet

"In the morning, ears are sensitive to quiet sounds. A whisper may contain both murmurs mixed with dreams and profound weighty truths. This compositions is born in the intimacy of a living room but bursts into the scale of the sea."


instrumentation: string quartet

Ode To Aphrodite (2018)

instrumentation: 4 female voices

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// PERFORMANCES (check here for Mikko Sarvanne Garden)

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